Art Contest!

HW6: Ray Tracer



Shark: "Onlooker from Oblivion"

An error, but quite possibly one of the coolest looking ones. The shading creates the look of an eye, a shining eye, while the background is all black with only a white backdrop for the eye itself. It all looks like the universe is dark, like a void, a void of darkness, light, magic, and oblivion. The eye is all that suggests an conscious actual presence within the realm.

372Guru2023: "Eye of Refraction"

Sam: "Cool Checkerboard"

I accidentally created this cool effect that creates a moving checkerboard pattern when making the checkerboard for the box. I think it looks pretty neat, so I used it as my art contest submission!

Vincent: "American Mirror Rave"

Kevin: "Neverland"

Snowman: "The Snowman"

Lonely Sphere: "Oh Hello There"

Shiba: "Sun god staredown"

Matt Q - "Nihilus Sphere"

Sean: "Evil Missingno"

Snipes: "Shiny Cylinder Exhibit"